Eva, Part 4

Author Eva Lovia has enjoyed some unbelievable experiences recently. Hot sex with her publisher, a threesome with her best friend, and a random guy she took a fancy to. All these have given her some fabulous inspiration for her next novel. Now her biggest critic has shown an interest in meeting up, and Eva can’t miss the opportunity to get her side of the story heard. But when Kayden Kross questions her sources, Eva knows the perfect way to show how good she really is…

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Eva: Part 3

After her insane experiences with her publisher and also her best friend, Eva Lovia has no lack of first hand inspiration for her next novel. As the words flow, it hits her, her first book wasn’t filled with real life experiences because they were just fantasies. She has to find real life experience for every chapter, but will she be able to do this without the support of her best friend Riley? She knows exactly who she wants to find this with, a guy she has run into a few times before in the parking lot. She has to make this happen, and she’ll do anything she can to ensure that it does.

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Eva Part 1

It has been a year since Eva Lovia‘s first novel has been on the best sellers list, and her publisher is pressuring her for the next one, but she just has no inspiration. Just when she thinks there’s no hope, he manages to give her just the material she needs in order to produce another best seller, and this time all she needs to do is write about what she knows, first hand. This is going to be a journey she will never forget.

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The Pussys Wetter On The Other Side

Eva Lovia is a horny housewife and her husband is convinced that she’s cheating on him, or at least plans to. Luckily for Eva’s husband, he can confide in his neighbor Xander, who talks to him through a fence. While the husband’s getting advice from Xander, Eva is teasing the neighbor by flashing her tits and showing off her ass. Luckily for Eva, she doesn’t have to go very far to seduce a new cock in Xander to fuck her brains out!

The Pussys Wetter On The Other Side starring Eva Lovia

IG Models Behind The Scenes

When Eva Lovia started her IG account, initially it was just for some sexy fun. But after a few of her posts went viral, everything changed. Offers kept coming in and she quit her job and has been IG modelling for about a year… She has met new friends and a new boyfriend, and it’s awesome. She met Keisha Grey at the gym last year and they work great together. Their followers love them, but it doesn’t stop there. They hook up all the time behind the scenes. When Eva’s boyfriend comes home and catches them together, it’s more than just a coincidence, and they are about to cook up a real hot recipe for fun!

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My Friend's Hot Girl

How often do you get to see your roommate’s smokin’ hot girlfriend like Eva Lovia in a wet white shirt with no bra? Never! That’s why Johnny’s so happy he snuck up and scared Eva while she was washing dishes, rendering her wet and him hard. Even though she and Johnny once fucked, Eva’s currently dating his roommate. But it just so happens that he won’t be home for a while because he’s getting his pump on at the gym. Which makes it the perfect time for Johnny to get his pump on with his friend’s girlfriend! Eva’s juicy big ass won’t mind Johnny’s hard cock slapping it before it slips in her wet pussy for old time’s sake!

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Eva Lovia Earns Her Allowance

Eva Lovia‘s lucky boyfriend enters their bedroom and finds her totally naked trying to figure out what to wear for her outing with the girls. This girl is so fucking hot that she could wear anything and look amazing. This guy is smart, he gets her to try on different outfits so he can keep seeing her naked. Once she catches on, she’s so horny that she starts playing with herself and sucks the boyfriend’s dick so good. Afterward, she fucks passionately, earning her shopping allowance. This is Eva at her best!

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Flipping The Script

Movie making can be fun, but seriously, who needs a fucking script to make porn? Okay, maybe some people need a story or theme to get hard, but I assure you, Eva Lovia will look just as amazing getting fucked with or without a stupid setup. Eva is one of the hottest ladies in this biz. Not only is she fine as hell, but she truly loves to fuck, and she is so fucking skilled at it. Watch this update to see what I’m talking about! Eva is an exotic mix of Latina and Asian. She has a great all natural body, and she’s chill as fuck. JMac fucks her pussy long and really hard in this scene, and she not only loves it, but fucks him back just as hard. This really is a video you don’t want to miss!

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Naughty Office

It’s Employee Appreciation Day, and Eva Lovia is in for quite the treat! Her boss, Johnny, has been extremely pleased with her work ethic and the results she’s produced since working for him, so he’s more than happy to reward her with a little somethin’. But unsuspecting Eva can’t believe her eyes when she opens her gift to find a pearl necklace! She’s so happy that she wants her boss to give her another pearl necklace, right from his dick! Eva strips down to her sexy lingerie and stockings to show Johnny just how appreciative of him she is, too. He has just enough time to appreciate her big ass before the big conference!

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