Flipping The Script

Movie making can be fun, but seriously, who needs a fucking script to make porn? Okay, maybe some people need a story or theme to get hard, but I assure you, Eva Lovia will look just as amazing getting fucked with or without a stupid setup. Eva is one of the hottest ladies in this biz. Not only is she fine as hell, but she truly loves to fuck, and she is so fucking skilled at it. Watch this update to see what I’m talking about! Eva is an exotic mix of Latina and Asian. She has a great all natural body, and she’s chill as fuck. JMac fucks her pussy long and really hard in this scene, and she not only loves it, but fucks him back just as hard. This really is a video you don’t want to miss!

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Naughty Office

It’s Employee Appreciation Day, and Eva Lovia is in for quite the treat! Her boss, Johnny, has been extremely pleased with her work ethic and the results she’s produced since working for him, so he’s more than happy to reward her with a little somethin’. But unsuspecting Eva can’t believe her eyes when she opens her gift to find a pearl necklace! She’s so happy that she wants her boss to give her another pearl necklace, right from his dick! Eva strips down to her sexy lingerie and stockings to show Johnny just how appreciative of him she is, too. He has just enough time to appreciate her big ass before the big conference!

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Practice Makes Perfect Porn

Having recently become an actor, Danny D has his new co-star, Eva Lovia, come over to his place so that they can practice their lines for their upcoming film. Only, Mr. D is surprised to know that he’s going to be starring with the famous porn star! Danny soon realizes that his agent has cast him in a porn movie, which isn’t going to sit well with his wife! Can Danny and Ms. Lovia act out their scene in full detail without getting caught?

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Eva Lovia Returns to Miami

Eva Lovia is one of the hottest chicks in the business today. We had the pleasure of having her down here in beautiful Miami so that she could parade her amazing ass for us. She worked that booty of hers for the camera, she even jumped in the pool for some under water booty worship. Then Joe Bonez was the lucky guy in charge of pounding this amazing girl. She got pounded all over the place in several different positions!

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Catching Up

Eva Lovia moved to LA a few months ago to take an internship at a big time Beverly Hills talent agency. She works extremely hard and it leaves her with no time to herself, and she has to live with her sister in the meantime. When she buys a gift certificate for an hour massage which she can’t use, she offers it to her sister instead. After receiving text messages from Jason, an old flame she met at college, she finds out that he is in LA for a few hours, and her mind starts racing about what she could do in the time they have alone together. She is determined to make every second count!

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My Fucking High School Reunion

What a trooper Eva Lovia‘s husband is for coming out to her High School reunion. Too bad she’s got her mind on a past flame. Keiran bumps into the couple, stirring up all sorts of long settled emotions. After Eva ditches her husband, she can’t help but sneak into the bathroom to see if Keiran’s dick feels just as good as it did years ago. It doesn’t take long before Keiran is fucking her against the bathroom wall. Talk about a fucking reunion!

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My Celebrity Crush

Eva Lovia is a celebrity stylist and today she’s going to have some fun. She’s working with a famous movie star she’s had a huge crush on for a long time, but he is always with his possessive personal assistant. Eva always tries to keep her business and personal life separate, but it’s not easy when she’s around him. She helps him choose the perfect outfit for an awards ceremony he is attending, and after his assistant does her best to get in the way of Eva’s plans, she sends her off for to collect coffee for them both, taking every opportunity to enjoy every moment she is alone with him.

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Her Fantasy Ball

If you made it to your fantasy football finals and won, congratulations. If you did not, sucks for you, but that can’t be half as bad as what happened here. Meet Jay. He invited Xander over to watch week 16 of football as they were going head to head in the finals. Being too distraught, Jay didn’t pay attention to his girlfriend Eva Lovia. After a nipple slip during a touchdown, Xander took notice. Eva, sorely lacking attention, switched her sight to her boyfriend’s friend. A glance lead to a handjob, a handjob lead to a blowjob, and the rest is just hot unadulterated sex! Xander pounded Eva’s hole so hard he almost got an unnecessary roughness penalty. After some crazy angles, Xander touched down all over Eva’s face. Jay eventually walked in on them, lucky for Xander he didn’t get his balls tackled.

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The Farmers Wife

Eva Lovia is horny and tired of constantly coming to these stupid county markets with her husband to sell their crops for pennies. She’d much rather be at home sucking and fucking some dick. Too bad for Eva that her husband looks forward to selling his stock. When a customer (Xander Corvus) arrives, Eva decides that the only way she’s going to get the dicking she’s craving, is if she puts herself up for sale! The farmer’s market just got a whole lot hotter, and sluttier, thanks to Ms. Lovia!

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